Easy to use mobile site for Lowe's Custom Blinds and Shades Store

Boost Sales & Satisfaction

What makes our technology better?

Our platform functionality combined with design expertise work to ensure your customers get the best experience that drives sales and keeps your customers coming back

  • Fast & Reliable
  • Adaptable Configuration
  • Complex Data Modeling
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Device-agnostic Software

Innovative Design & Full-Cycle Development

Our development services cover everything from app production and interface design to full implementation

Multi-Channel Deployment

Integrated customer-facing and corporate environment solutions across devices, point-of-sale, etc.

UX Design

Data driven customized solutions for the optimal customer experience that boosts sales and satisfaction

User-friendly and interative site design for Lowe's

Technology & Features

Accurate, real-time product configuration with intelligent responses for unavailable options

  • Dynamic, reliable configuration
  • Build complex data relationships
  • Admin interface for non-developers
  • Intelligent configuration to pricing engine integration

Our pricing engine offers flexible pricing layers adaptable to any business requirement

Modular price scripting and advanced integration with product configuration components

  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Stateless design for horizontal scalability
  • Ability to meet high-traffic demands
  • Fast & responsive performance
Responsive design for Lowe's Custom Blinds and Shades Store

What we offer

Services for established businesses and start-ups

Prototyping & UXD

Simplifying complex functionality into engaging user interfaces

Application Development

Custom development tailored for your specific business needs

Application Integration

All your software, data and processes will interact closely with one another

Comprehensive Security

Reduce vulnerabilities by implementing the latest security trends

QA & Testing

Increase quality and effectiveness of your product with data-driven strategy

Ongoing Support

Our experts are available to help with continued support needs